Are you looking for a Business Coach? Want to experience the benefits of Business Coaching?

What is Business Coaching?

To give a simple answer; It is coaching for the Entrepreneur / Business Leaders to help them achieve their business goals. 

To give a better answer, It is best experienced than explained.

And yes, will welcome you to join me in my webinars.

How Do I Know if Business Coaching Is Right for Me?

Great. I acknowledge and appreciate your curiosity to know if Business Coaching is right for you and also if I am the right coach for you. Would recommend you start with one of my free webinars. 

Where do I begin? Do I start with your free webinars?

To begin with, Check out my free webinars.

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Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

I work with all companies, startups to established companies. If we are a right fit, we can work.

Do You Invest in / Work with Startup Companies?

Yes. I also work with startups.

Are you a startup founder looking to raise funds? Click here for more information. 

What are some of the topics of your webinars?

Here is a sample list of some of my webinars. (Click on the topics for more information). 

  1. Grow your business to the next level
Are your free webinars actually free or are they sales events?

Wonderful question. Yes, a lot of experts use webinars for sales.

As for as my free webinars are concerned, they have an healthy mix of valuable content (50-80%), and discussion along with Q&A (20-40%) and of course in some cases an offer to work with me. (10-20%)

Click here to check out for more information regarding my free webinars. 

How can I connect with you?
I will like to schedule a call with you.

Want to hop on a call with me?

If you are a current client, please click here to have a client call with me.

If you want to connect with me for networking, just to have an introduction to get to know each other, or for exploring collaboration opportunities, please click here to schedule a networking call with me.

If you are a prospective client who has been attending my webinars, and want to join my coaching program, please click here to book a call with me.

If you are a startup founder looking at raising funds, please click here to have a call with me.

Have you been mentored by others? Who are the other coaches, consultants, speakers, trainers, experts, etc. from whom you have underwent training / mentoring?

Here is a sample list of people with whom I have either done direct training/mentoring/coaching/etc., in a one to one or group or virtual model, and also people from whom I could learn from their books, courses, membership programs, etc. 

  1. Aaron Fletcher.
  2. Alex Mandossian.
  3. Brajmohan Das.
  4. Grant Cardone.
Are you a certified coach? Are you currently undergoing any certifications?

Yes, I am a certified coach. And also am currently undergoing few short-term and long-term certifications too.